Process Measuring and Control Technology

Stettbacher Signal Processing in Dübendorf near Zürich is the address for demanding and sophisticated machine controllers, measurement and drive systems. Our engineers are experts in the planning and realization of custom-designed electronic equipment for industrial use, including hardware, software and production, in numeric simulations e. g. of physical processes, etc. Stettbacher Signal Processing was the first provider of engineering services with a complete focus on digital signal processing, the fundamental theory behind measurement and control techniques, image processing and many other areas.

SSP streaming cameras


New Course Dates 2018

On the course's page you will find soon the new dates of our courses on signal processing, control systems, O-3000 industrial cameras and vision, information theory, etc.
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Embedded Image Processing

(in German)
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Use of Models in Control

Mathematical models are useful means to improve the behaviour of control loops. Read the following article to learn how to use and to benefit from mathematical models in control. (Text in German)
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