Digital Signal Processing and Control (Course No. 22)

Module B: Advanced Filter conepts and Adaptive Systems  

In this course, some particularly interesting but common cases are investigated, namely how digital filters (FIR, IIR) with arbitrary frequency response are designed. More so, filters that adapt themselves automatically and find the best of all possible solutions for a given task.

Adaptive systems are  are particularly important in control engineering. Different concepts will be covered, particularly the Iterative Learning Controller method (ILC). Furthermore, it will be shown how model-based controllers solve various typical problems in practical control.


DSP - Module B

Date: on demand
Duration of the course: 2 days
Location: Dübendorf (near Zürich, Switzerland)
Langage: German (English on request)
Price: CHF 1500, incl. documentation and lunch


The course is ideal for orientation, training and consolidation. An essential component of the course are the numerous practical examples and exercises about industrial applications, instrumentation , control systems, etc. The participant will be enabled to evaluate his professional tasks, to plan strategies and to implement them. He will be familiar with terms such as frequency domain filter design and implementation, Wiener filters, adaptive systems (LMS, RLS), model-based controllers, iterative learning method (ILC), etc., as well as possible limitations of these technologies.


DSP - Module B
  • Direct digital design methods, applications, limitations.
  • Statistically optimal filters, Wiener filters.
  • Fundamentals of adaptive systems, LMS, RLS, applications.
  • Adaptive systems in control, problems and tricks.
  • Model-based control, application examples.
  • Iterative Learning Control (ILC), concept and usage.
  • Practical software exercises, simulations.

Keywords: filter design in frequency domain, frequency domain filtering, optimal filters, Wiener filters, adaptive filters, least mean square algorithm (LMS), recursive least square algorithm (RLS), controllers, modelbased control, iterative learning control (ILC).


SSP Courses

The course Digital Signal Processing and Control - Module A is recommended if you are not really experienced in signal processing and control. Mathematical skills are required (engineering level). Exercises are done on your own notebook computer.


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