Digital Signal Processing and Control (Course No. 23)

Training for Module B  

SSP Courses

In our courses on digital signal processing and control, we cover lots of themes and topics. To consolidate and deepen these subjects we offer a taining day. The focus is on exercises, which further illustrate the practical application of methods and concepts discussed in the course. There is also the opportunity to ask questions and to make things clear.

Participants may even bring their own practical problems. If the questions are of general interest and fit into the time frame, we will try to identify possible solutions and strategies for them.


Date: on demand
Duration of the course: 1 days
Location: Dübendorf (near Zürich, Switzerland)
Langage: German (English on request)
Price: CHF 750, incl. documentation and lunch


SSP Courses
  • Solve practical exercises.
  • Answer questions of participants.
  • Identify strategies to participant's real nuts-and-bolts problems.

Keywords are: filter design in frequency domain, frequency domain filtering, optimal filters, Wiener filters, adaptive filters, least mean square algorithm (LMS), recursive least square algorithm (RLS), controllers, modelbased control, iterative learning control (ILC).


Participation in course module A or in an equivalent training is required.


Please contact us if you are interested. Courses take place from one participant.

Please note: If you register more than one person at the same time for the same course we grant a 15 % discount for the second person and 20 % for the third and further individuals. The number of participants is limited. Registrations are processed in chronological order. If you cancel your registration until two weeks before the course starts, we will refund your full payment. For cancellations until three working days before the course starts we refund half of your payment. We reserve the right to cancel courses. In this case, we will refund fully already payed fees.