Industrial Computer Vision (Course No. 60)

Using the O-3000 Industrial Camera  

The O-3000 cameras are well-known for their open interface and protocol specifications. Hence, the user is able to apply the camera on any system and completely barrier-free. There are extensive free software examples for the cameras which simplify and accelerate the development process and the integration of the camera into an existing system.

Workshop participants get to know the image transport mechanism as well as the method of camera configuration. Based on existing code, the driver, the image pre-processing pipeline and the application interface will be explained.


O-3000 software architecture

Date: on demand
Duration of the course: 1 day
Location: Dübendorf (near Zürich, Switzerland)
Language: German (English on request)
Price: CHF 975, incl. documentation and lunch. An O-3000 camera is also included in the price.


Course participants are familiar with the O-3000 camera interface, the documentation and know how to access the camera. They are prepared to develop their own camera driver or to adjust the existing code to their needs. Thus the course accelerates the own development.


  • Available software, structure and contents.
  • What are the camera functions?
  • Driver architecture, how does the API look like?
  • Framework for your own application.
  • Receive image data and pre-processing.
  • Application example with image processing.

Please note, this course does not cover the UVC interface, mainly used in consumer gear. The O-3000 camera offers its own and simplified USB standard focussed on industrial applications.


Software engineering know-how, particularly in the C/C++ language is required. Basic knowledge in Java is an advantage.


Please contact us if you are interested. Courses take place from one participant.

Please note: If you register more than one person at the same time for the same course we grant a 15 % discount for the second person and 20 % for the third and further individuals. The number of participants is limited. Registrations are processed in chronological order. If you cancel your registration until two weeks before the course starts, we will refund your full payment. For cancellations until three working days before the course starts we refund half of your payment. We reserve the right to cancel courses. In this case, we will refund fully already payed fees.