Industrial Computer Vision (Course No. 61)

O-3000 VisionBox, Usage and Programming  

The new O-3000 VisionBox is SSP's answer to the call for simple to use, integrated machine vision solutions, based on the open-spec O-3000 camera series. According to SSP's motto the VisionBox is no blackbox. On the contrary, everything is open and everything is accessible, including the pre-installed O-3000 camera driver, the image processing pipeline, the OpenCV image processing library, and all the necessary development tools.

In this course you learn about the VisionBox and its programming. Within the excercises, real image processing tasks will be solved.


Image processing on the O-3000 VisionBox.

Date: on demand
Duration of the course: 1 day
Location: Dübendorf (near Zürich, Switzerland)
Language: German (English on request)
Price: CHF 3975, incl. documentation and lunch.
A complete O-3000 VisionBox and camera are included in the price.


Course participants are familiar with the O-3000 VisionBox. They are prepared to develop their own machine vision application using the existing code examples and modifying or extending them to their needs.


  • Structure and functions of the VisionBox.
  • Included software, where to find it?
  • Framework for your own application.
  • Receiveing and processing images.
  • Application examples, exercises.


Basic software engineering know-how, particularly in the C/C++ and Java programming languages are required. Basic knowledge in JNI and Linux are an advantage.

Course no. 65 about the OpenCV image processing library might be of interest as a follow-up.


Please contact us if you are interested. Courses take place from one participant.

Please note: If you register more than one person at the same time for the same course we grant a 15 % discount for the second person and 20 % for the third and further individuals. The number of participants is limited. Registrations are processed in chronological order. If you cancel your registration until two weeks before the course starts, we will refund your full payment. For cancellations until three working days before the course starts we refund half of your payment. We reserve the right to cancel courses. In this case, we will refund fully already payed fees.